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" Your Home and Landscape should tell a story.  It must have sequence -  a beginning, a middle and an end.  Within that sequence we can develop any number of discoveries, revelations and drama".

Designing a Landscape or Hardscape, on whatever scale, is both difficult and easy. It is difficult because gathering and understanding the many relevant variables can be daunting, and simple because though fluid there is a logical, ordered and well defined process to creative problem solving.


My Design Process is clear, rational, and based on a creative progression which moves through:


  1. Recognizing the opportunities, constraints and context of a unique site.

  2. Understanding the nature and disposition of a unique owner.

  3. Discovering and developing a thorough program (how the property will be used).

  4. Employing a conceptual idea to unite the context, client analysis, and site program into a sustainable and meaningful design.


Everything distills to Line, Texture, Form, Color, Balance, Rhythm, Focalization, Spatial quality, Sequence and Balance.



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